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The comprehensive safety platform that works from the inside out.

Business Plus is available and designed for your business needs.

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This is a true risk management platform, with the capability of creating a culture of safety for your entire company. It’s comprehensive, seamless, and easily accessible over the web. This program is unique in the industry. It provides information in familiar Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint formats, making it easy to fully customize them to the specific needs of each operation of your organization.

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With Business Plus, you can track all of your workers’ compensation insurance claims, even down to the “near miss!” You can also track all of your employee training and certification.


Hart Insurance Agency can put together the safety training materials and presentations you need throughout the year. Simply access them through your Business Plus portal.


All of the applicable OSHA policies and procedures for your business can be found on your individual portal. We can even help you with your reporting through Business Plus.


Through your own individualized program, you will have access to a library of safety materials and procedures. Take one of our quizzes to help you find areas of concern for the safety of your employees.

This is an exclusive benefit offered to Hart Insurance customers. To schedule a demonstration contact Kristin Wick at or 541-779-4232.

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